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A very successful season of A Clockwok Orange ran from 7-16 September 2023


Directed by: Leigh Oswin

Vocal Direction: Chris Bryg

Sound Design: Matt Harris

Set Design: Terry Ryan

Costume Design: Janice Molineux

Lighting Design: Jeff Hockley

Props Design: Joh Breen

Makeup Design: Holly Gregg

Poster & Graphic Design: Kelly Lockwood

Executive Producers: Grahame Foster, Jeff Hockley

Stage Management: Troy Ridgeway

ASM: Ashley Eyles

Sound and Mic Operation: Matt Harris, Troy Ridgeway, Holly Gregg

Costume Team : Janice Molineux, Naomi Leighton, Gina McKenzie

Lighting Rig and Data Input: Mark Smith

Set Team: Grahame Foster, James Casper, Peter Bevan, Mike Jeffries

Publicity: Linda Madill, Grahame Foster

Set Construction: Grahame Foster, James Casper, Andy Goodwin

Photography:  Lilly Amos, Luca Schild Photography

Publicity: Grahame Foster, Leigh Oswin, Holly Gregg

Graffiti Artists: Andrew Laird, Nathaniel Wood, Nathan Ennis, Holly Gregg, Lilly Amos, Matt Harris

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