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The Bridesmaid Must Die written by Wayne Tunks completed a successful season at the Earl Arts Centre in April 2021 with the following cast and production team:

Yasmine Anderson, the bride - Bindy Stephens

Raylene Anderson, the mother - Amanda Phillips

Julia Anderson, the sister and a bridesmaid - Tia Landeg

Bree Taylor, the Maid of Honour - Nikia Breen

Phillipa Symmonds, a bridesmaid - Tash McCulloch

Caleb Roach, the groom - Robbie Bleakley

Lucas Marsden, the uninvited guest - Ryan Politis

Director - Leigh Oswin

Set Design - Terry Ryan

Costume Design - Janice Molineux

Lighting Design - Jeff Hockley

Properties - Linda Emery

Graphics - Troy Ridgway

Bridesmaid cast copy.jpg
Bridesmaid photo_2 copy.jpg
Bridesmaid photo_3 copy.jpg
Bridesmaid Photo_5 copy.jpg
Bridesmaid photo_1 copy.jpg
Bridesmaid photo_4 copy.jpg
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