Welcome to the society wedding of the year. Tomorrow Yasmine will marry Caleb, hoping the press will gatecrash. But tonight, Yasmine, with her mother and her three bridesmaids, has some celebrating to do. When the drinks start flowing, so do the secrets. Maid of honour, Bree, is having an affair, Phillipa is being stalked by her ex, and Yasmine’s sister Julia is a suicidal, lesbian beatnik poet.

This isn’t a whodunit, it’s a who’s gonna get it!

With three alternative endings the audience are in full control as to which bridesmaid dies.

THE BRIDESMAID MUST DIE will be staged at the Earl Arts Centre, Earl St, Launceston from 1st to 10th May, 2020, to be directed by Leigh Oswin.

Cast and Creatives:

Yasmine Anderson, the bride - Bindy Stephens
Raylene Anderson, the mother - Fiona Reilly
Julia Anderson, the sister and a bridesmaid - Tia Landeg
Bree Taylor, the Maid of Honour - Mallory Schipper
Phillipa Symmonds, a bridesmaid - Tash McCulloch
Caleb Roach, the groom - Hamish Wooders
Lucas Marsden, the uninvited guest - Julius Godman

Production Team:
Director - Leigh Oswin
Stage Manager - Peta Dowe
Set Design - Terry Ryan
Costume Design - Janice Molineux & Terry Ryan
Lighting Design - Jeff Hockley
Properties - Linda Emery
Graphics - Troy Ridgway

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