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Attendees reviews of Marjorie: 

A wonderful show. Well done to everyone involved.

An absolutely fantastic performance.

Do not miss it!


Great performance tonight Cast and Crew Marjorie Unravelled. Lots of laughs


My daughter and I enjoyed the show immensely and brought back memories of visiting Climar at Campbell town . Went there during school holidays . 


What a great and versatile L'ton players Well done !!


I saw it last night and was blown away! How brilliant. Absolutely hilarious (tears in my eyes!) and heartfelt and joyous and genius. 


A huge congratulations to you all! Thank you.


Congratulations to the talented team for a tremendous 'home-grown' production. Great acting, singing and lots of laughs. Loved it.


A terrific afternoon of entertainment.


Loved it. Well done all.


Don’t miss this show! It was a real privilege to see this talented team perform in the intimate Earl Arts Theatre. Poignant, funny, great music and superb acting!

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