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Away completed a successful season at The Earl Arts Centre from 19 to 28 April, 2023


Directed by Megan Jolly


Tom - Angus Purtell

Meg - Angie Collins

Gwen - Georgie Todman

Jim - Travis Hennessy

Vic - Kathryn Gray

Harry - Chris Bryg

Coral - Anne Riley

Roy - Julius Godman


Set Design - Darren Willmott

Lighting Design - Darren Willmott

Sound Design - Darren Willmott

Poster & Graphic Design - Kelly Lockwood

Props - Jeff Hockley

Costume Design - Janice Molineux

Executive Producer - Grahame Foster

Stage Manager - Finnley Willmott

ASM: Willem French, Jack Woodland

Costume Team - Janice Molineux, Gina McKenzie & Naomi Leighton

Publicity - Linda Madill, Grahame Foster, Angus Purtell

Set Construction - Grahame Foster, James Casper, Andy Goodwin

Photography - Luca Schild, Angus Purtell

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